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There are 9 expansions released for Smash Up! as of 31st March 2020. Make them yours today.

Smash Up Core Set

8th October 2012

Smash Up (Core Set) is the 1st set of the game and the basic one. Providing factions inspired by dominant ancient creatures with a light touch of futuristic elements, UFO invaders, martial art masters, dynamic machines and a little bit of magic! Abilities are what you would expect according to the factions’ theme. Intrigue at its finest, awesome and fun techniques, a lot of moving between bases, and of course pure destruction!

The first set gives us the tools to fight! 8 magnificent factions and 16 bases pairing the factions, and a rulebook as well. In later expansions you will find Victory Point token sheets that represent the victory points of a player. This box does not provide any.

Let’s start with Aliens. These terrifying brutes have the ability to return minions to their owner’s hand, meaning they either return their own minions in order to play them again and again, or delay delay their enemies. What’s the catch? Cards with benefits! You get direct winning effects from playing them in loop, like gain VPs! They definitely create a big mess for their enemies, and a safe winning passage for them!

So, Dinosaurs! With lasers.. and guns.. and teeth and claws! Certainly super strong minions, with unstoppable synergy! Actions in their deck, make sure the game is about survival of the fittest! It’s a winning deck when combined well with others, as their minions can take enemies out of competition in a single round!

Ninjas move fast and kill even faster! Their deck owns a lot of special abilities that helps players invade a base while scoring, as well as assassinate priority targets out of the blue. You can never be sure about their next (or previous) move, so watch your back.

Pirates sail between bases, spreading everywhere, and leaving nothing but chaos behind! Their minions depart from a base to land on another, waiting for the right conditions to move again, while hiding some very unpleasant and dangerous surprises for low power enemies on the game.

Robots is a deck that owns only minions and an action existing twice. This might sound terrifying and kinda weird, but the minions have, in one way or another, extra minion abilities. It’s definitely the best way to use so many minions, as you can get a lot of total power instantly in a round, and keep you a huge step ahead on the game.

Tricksters are probably the most annoying and troublesome faction so far. They have cards that can ban an enemy faction, or even a player, while owning brilliant abilities with mostly awful effects for their enemies, or very beneficial ones for their owner!

Wizards is a deck based mostly on actions, which let the player spam a lot of extra cards. Even though most of the minions don’t own ongoing abilities, they help with this crazy card-spamming even more! The deck gets to recycle as fast as the sound travels, keeping the cards on hand ready to fight!

Finishing, we get Zombies, the ones we can’t hide our excitement about! The night of the living dead is upon us, and as soon as these guys stack on the discard pile their reincarnation will begin! Seriously though, this faction plays with the discard pile perfectly, making for well-thought strategies, and amazing combos with the expansions to come.

Enough said! It’s a massive board game with cards, with a lot of expansions coming after it, and a ton of combos to destroy your friends (though it’s impossible to try them all :/). So match two decks, take over the bases, and reach 15 VPs first to taste the victory! Simple, fun and fresh but still demanding on strategy and especially on combining the decks, Smash Up! is a game for friends, though not only few are the cases it made friends to enemies. So play responsibly, and take proper care of your wounded enemies!

Tricksters - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Tricksters can ruin gameplay of enemies as they can get them to discard random cards or even ban their play moves!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Cancel Effect, Card (Discard), Minion (Destroy)

Learn More About Tricksters
Robots - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

18 Minions (9 unique)
2 Actions (1 unique)

Robots own almost only minions that their abilities allow extra minions in any possible way in any possible situation in game!

Abilities: Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Minion (Extra), Power (Add), Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Robots
Wizards - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Wizards use a lot of extra cards in a single round that get their deck recycled in no time and rearrange the fight!

Abilities: Action (Extra), Card (Draw), Minion (Extra), Reveal, Search, Shuffle

Learn More About Wizards
Pirates - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Pirates can be dangerous for low power minions of enemies’ and they’re based on “sailing” between bases and quickly collect VP's!

Abilities: Minion (Destroy), Move, Power (Add)

Learn More About Pirates
Ninjas - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Abilities: Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Move, Return

Learn More About Ninjas
Zombies - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Zombies are the undead and they come from the discard pile, spreading everywhere with abilities that make them come fast!

Abilities: Cancel Effect, Discard Pile, Look, Minion (Extra), Return, Search, Shuffle

Learn More About Zombies
Dinosaurs - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Dinosaurs are lethal and own extremely powerful minions, that when combined in a base, can get crazy power boosts!

Abilities: Breakpoint (Reduce), Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Power (Add)

Learn More About Dinosaurs
Aliens - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Aliens use the strategy of collecting minions back to player’s hand, so they can abuse their awesome abilities again and again!

Abilities: Look, Move, Return, VP (Gain)

Learn More About Aliens

Awesome Level 9000

8th April 2013

Awesome Level 9000 is the 1st expansion (2nd set) of Smash Up, and it already changed some of the main strategies of the game for good. Some factions move between bases a lot, and from now on it’s not gonna be such a safe thing to do.  Discarding from now on can be rewarding instead of a scary nightmare. This expansion makes a very fun mess in gameplay and it suits perfect the profile of a hardcore player of Smash Up!

You are given 4 factions, 8 bases that pair the factions included in the box, and  all the 16 core set bases awesomely reanimated! If you own the Core Set, there are 12 factions and 24 bases, which makes 66 possible pairs of factions by now, This is only the beginning!

The expansion includes the first VPs (Victory Points), colored with the basic ones, blue and yellow. If you own some of the latest sets, you already know that you can use them as power counters as well, if you don’t, we suggest to read more about this here! The special card dividers are included in “The Big Geeky Box”, as most of all.

Fresh things first, the faction that makes all the “moving-based” factions tremble in their sight. Bear Cavalry! Their talents and abilities are extraordinary as their basic strategy is to move enemies on bases where they have more power or actions that allows them to show-off a marvelous insta-kill. Hard to destroy them or avoid them on game.

Ghosts follow a crazy-scary tactic on gameplay. You have to trust them! Discard as much as you can, keep the ones you need in hand and don’t worry, they are generous! They reward player with discard pile minions, extreme power or even VPs! You can do everything as far as you’re not afraid to discard. They are your friends, they are protecting you from the dead!

Killer Plants are here to cause trouble, overgrow, suffokate and confuse their enemies. Search your deck for minions that turn your “sprouts” to (killer) flowers! Their abilities allow them extra minions, drawing cards or even subtract power from themselves to make things even more confusing. Their actions are kinda “anti-moving”, fact very helpful if you compete Bears, Pirates etc.

Finally, Steampunks, is a deck that mostly owns incredible “play-on-base” actions, that even if they’ve been destroyed, getting them back from the discard pile can happen in a heartbeat!! Most of them are power-ups and the others make moving between bases really easy. Minions of the faction work awesome combined with their actions as most of them get their abilities activated by them.

Factions of this set combine perfectly with some of Core factions and some future factions as well. We have to admit though, that it might be hard to play at first if you are not kinda geek and don’t know abilities of other factions of the game well. But, well, if you do find them, victory is in your hands!

Killer Plants - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Killer Plants cause troubles when they are in play! They overgrow and suffocate the enemies till they give up on life!

Abilities: Minion (Extra), Move, Power (Remove), Return, Search, Shuffle

Learn More About Killer Plants
Steampunks - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Steampunks travel between bases and get actions from the discard pile that makes their movement and power unstoppable!

Abilities: Cancel Effect, Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Move, Power (Add), Return

Learn More About Steampunks
Ghosts - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

With Ghosts the gameplay gets a little weird. Discard as much as you can and no worries! You will be rewarded!

Abilities: Card (Discard), Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Power (Add), VP (Gain)

Learn More About Ghosts
Bear Cavalry - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Move other minions to bases where you can destroy them! Bear Cavalry make you a serious threat to enemies and they don’t seem to give up so easy!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Base (Play On), Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Move, Power (Add)

Learn More About Bear Cavalry

The Obligatory Cthulhu Set

16th September 2013

The Obligatory Cthulhu Set is the 3d set (2nd expansion) of Smash Up. The Dark Lord is awaken. He is here to take over the game and fill it with Madness! Therefore,  his followers brought us the Madness deck. They might seem like regular actions that just gives you two cards, or you return the card to its deck. The catch is that when the game ends, all players count Madness cards among their discard pile, hand and deck. For every two Madness cards  that a player has, he loses 1 VP! The decks provided, helps Cthulhu’s chosens bring Madness to enemies and if they end up with some, their Lord helps them to use this madness, wisely!

Set includes rulebook of course, and the VP tokens, colored yellow & green this time and have prints of tentacles of course. We’re given 4 factions, 8 new pairing bases and the new deck of Madness cards. Special card dividers are inside The Big Geeky Box. Combined with all previous sets, there are 16 factions and 32 bases, which makes 120 possible pairs of factions! So, time for Madness!

Fresh start with Elder Things! These creatures are terrifying! Their cause to bring Madness to enemies, as their Lord obeyed! Minions with tremendous power, that you may have to sacrifice some other minions to play them and some light ones that serve Madness. Their actions are summoning Big Cthulhu to get minions back from discard pile,get dark power or bring Madness of course! Don’t forget, their failure your victory!

Innsmouth, from the other hand, own only one minion, The Locals! This minion exists ten times and its ability allows you to check top cards of your deck, so you can get all “Locals” in your hand. Their actions help these low power minions to be protected and more powerful when they stick together in a base. They spread the word of Cthulhu and they come from the deep sea, recruiting to fight for Madness!

Minions of Cthulhu,  are his corrupted chosens and servitors! They bring Madness to themselves to complete the rituals of Cthulhu! They use them to destroy minions, play extra actions or even gain VPs! All minions have talents or specials that allows you to sacrifice them for exchange another card from graveyard, extra power and the most terrifying one gives   Madness cards from owner’s hand to enemies! Fear them! They are hear to bring back their Lord!  

For the balance here, Miskatonic University will help to restore the sanity, as they get rid of Madness cards in no time. Those meddling kids though, open gates to beyond, and benefit power from Madness cards, before they return them to deck!Their minions help you to manage Madness best way possible or get rid of them before the game ends!

In conclusion, this expansion came to bring insanity, subtract victory points and awake Cthulhu to invade the world of Smash Up! He gives us Madness cards that no matter what, a player have to get rid of and return them to their deck before game ends and the victory just slips from his hand! Use these cards wisely or lose everything!

Miskatonic University - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

If you are full of Madness, no worries! Miskatonic University keep your sanity safe or give you extra power by using them!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Madness (Draw), Madness (Return), Power (Add)

Learn More About Miskatonic University
Innsmouth - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (1 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Innsmouth have only one minion… Ten times! Get all Locals to your hand and never spend a round without a minion again!

Abilities: Discard Pile, Indestructible, Madness (Draw), Minion (Extra), Power (Add), Return, Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Innsmouth
Madness - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

Minions ( unique)
30 Actions (1 unique)

These cards are pretty dangerous to end up with in the end of the game. For each two Madness you have among your cards you lose 1 victory point!

Abilities: Return

Learn More About Madness
Elder Things - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Elder Things will drive you mad! Force enemies to draw Madness cards to decrease their VPs and the playing options to their hand!

Abilities: Card (Discard), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Madness (Draw), Power (Add), Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Elder Things

Science Fiction Double Feature

17th March 2014

The 3rd expansion (4th set) to be released for Smash Up, Science Fiction Double Feature is packed with (you guessed right) science-fiction themed factions, not just in their looks, but most importantly their gameplay. So get ready for some hyper-galactical powerups, Unidentified Card-stealing Objects, extraterrestrial discards and chrono-altering experiences.

As with most smash up expansions, 4 new factions are added to the game, and 8 unique base cards (which correspond to a faction in pairs). Combining the previous smash up sets, the unique base cards amount to 40, and the unique pairings you can have with factions is 190!

We also get a unique set of VPs, colored with the classic blue & yellow, and illustrated with cyber-zaps and (big) lasers. Geeks (us, and some of you) will find the special card dividers for the factions inside the The Big Geeky Box. Non-geeks don’t know what that meant, and that’s probably ok.

So let’s roll! Starting up, we get Cyborg Apes, a ruthless group of angry monkeys that’s designed to be a core-deck no matter which expansions you own, even though it uses a lot of actions that are played directly on minions. Featuring a lot of power-ups, protection cards and burst damage, they are an easy to learn (not play) faction, with rewarding gameplay and small cringing to their opponents’ faces.

Moving on, there’s Shapeshifters, oh Shapeshifters.. Where to begin? These guys can literally steal actions and minion abilities, even the opponent’s (printed) minion power itself! What’s worse? They can do it with ease, and non-stop. Before people start raging against the , let me say the faction is well-made, balanced and fun to play. It gets a lot of conditional strategies due to relying in your enemies’ abilities by 40%, but that can only be fun, it’s Smash Up!

Super Spies will always be early on the scene, so think twice before facing them. They are going to discard some of your cards, change their order, or discard some more. That lets them run through their decks at immense speed, and prepare them for situations at hand. Well, you can already tell they are a bit more advanced to play, and will require core knowledge of the factions you combine them with, as well as the game’s itself.

Last but not least, one of the most interesting Smash Up factions (though definitely not at first sight) is Time Travelers. Aliens fans will love them, and pretty much any player that’s into thoughtful mechanics and planning concealed moves. They get a lot of discard pile interactions, minion returns, ability re-dos, and as you guessed can annoy their enemies to a certain level. One of our personally most played factions at AOG, had to be noted!

We’re not trying to make you buy Science Fiction Double Feature (or yea, let’s stick to SFDF), but seriously all 4 factions are amazing and designed to accommodate any other expansions you might or might not already own. You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to love this one, but you certainly have to be in love with Smash Up!

Super Spies - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

You’re a Super Spy! You know your next move and your enemies move as well! Prevent them and be one step forward to the victory!

Abilities: Card (Discard), Look, Reveal

Learn More About Super Spies
Time Travelers - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Travel to the past! Time Travelers bring minions from the discard pile or return enemy minions to their owner’s hands.Time is by your side, use it wisely!

Abilities: Base (Play On), Discard Pile, Return, Shuffle

Learn More About Time Travelers
Cyborg Apes - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

If you consider Dinosaurs as the strongest ones, wait ‘till you see what Cyborg Apes can do with just a few actions on them!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Action (Extra), Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Move, Power (Add), Return, Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Cyborg Apes

The Big Geeky Box

15th August 2014

The Big Geeky Box is obviously big, geeky and a paradise of card storage! If you own, or you are about to get all expansions, you’re gonna face a huge problem when you will realise that is nightmare to open every single box to choose your deck. After some point, the Core Set doesn’t fit them all. This huge box is gonna give us some awesome tools to gather them in the box properly and has space for future expansions as well! Also, there is a little reward for the experts of the game,a faction named Geeks, inspired by Tabletop, Wil Wheaton and some of his friends!

The box designed with three long troughs that each one fits a lot of factions. We also get 27 of   the special card dividers, that you may have found some of them into other expansions, named and printed by faction, Madness and base cards to accommodate partly full troughs.Inside the box there are also 6 foam inserts that can be positioned anywhere along the troughs to hold them in place properly.

The reason that this box has no rulebook is that there is no rule change. There are some Geeks and 2 bases that match them instead, that may hide some rule-breaking abilities that can be pretty annoying if the player that chose them, is a Geek himself! That means this deck is made clearly for those that have spent endless hours playing with all decks and knows everything about them. The reason of that, are some actions that ask you to name cards or cancel an action by the moment opponent plays one, so you have to know as much as possible about the game! Minions are fewer than usual but they have equally annoying and strong abilities as the actions of this deck. They combine perfectly with every single other deck of Smash Up! There’s only two conditions. You just have to know the game perfectly well and love being annoying!

Geeks - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

9 Minions (4 unique)
11 Actions (9 unique)

If you mastered this game, Geeks will help you to use that knowledge to win the game and ruin it for others!

Abilities: Action (Forbid), Action (Transfer), Card (Discard), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Look, Move, Return, Shuffle, VP (Gain)

Learn More About Geeks

Monster Smash

15th September 2014

Monster Smash is the 6th set (5th expansion) of Smash Up and a best seller addon of this fantastic board game. Truth be told - totally worth it! This set introduces power counters (using VP tokens to represent them), that add power to your minions. They can be played by talents/abilities and actions, and they can be transferred or even sacrificed to prevent destruction or play extra cards! The factions are inspired mostly by 80’s “trend-monsters”, and their gameplay won’t disappoint at that.

The expansion includes VP tokens, colored classic, blue & yellow, with thunderbolt prints and a rulebook. As of cards, we’re given 4 monster factions and 8 pairing bases. Combined with all previous sets, there are 25 factions and 50 bases, which makes 300 possible pairs of factions, all of them, easily and perfectly combined. Been there, done that!

Giant Ants, seem to be the kings of power counters! They can use them pretty much to do everything and there is no minion that doesn’t get some by the moment it’s played. They can sacrifice power counters to save minions, transfer them and by many ways getting more and more. Before you realise it, they get extreme power boost in no time!

Mad Scientists have abilities that have really funny similarities with some stories of them we have in mind, They sacrifice power counters, that get them mostly by action cards and talents, as they were human body parts and create monsters! We mean extra minions of course or extra power! Their actions are incredibly strong power ups  and very good defenders !

Vampires, as expected, will do anything for blood! So we talk about a lot of “destroy minion” actions and minions, that can be themselves as well, as they get benefits from anyones’ blood!
Minions get power counters mostly when they get back from graveyard, or by using their destroying talents and actions. If you like bloody destruction and sneaky gamelplay, this deck is more than satisfying on that!

Werewolves are here to offer strategies, different from the rest of the factions here. They don’t use “power counter” abilities. They are very dangerous though. They can make minions their chew toys, mark their territory on a base and make sure its theirs. The minions included, have power up talents and specials and actions are very helpful for all combinations.

This new “power counter” technique that this game provided, is something that it’s forbidden to be ignored by fans of Smash Up! They add a very strong element of “portable” power on minions that can be sacrificed for protection, draw or use extra cards and it can be moved to other minions that probably need some power. Who exactly wouldn’t want to be able to manage the power of their minions the way they want? As said, if you really like Smash Up so much, you should have this monstrous set and see for yourself what power is about!

Vampires - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

They may want to look weak,but actually Vampires getting stronger if other players are more than them and take advantage of their death.

Abilities: Discard Pile, Minion (Destroy), Power Counter (Add)

Learn More About Vampires
Werewolves - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

They crawl on full moon! They transform to Werewolves, create a pack and eat your flesh if you try to enter their territory!

Abilities: Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Power (Add)

Learn More About Werewolves
Mad Scientists - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Mad Scientists use body parts and create monsters! Sacrifice power counters to play an extra minion or sacrifice cards to use power counters!

Abilities: Indestructible, Power Counter (Add), Return

Learn More About Mad Scientists
Giant Ants - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Giant Ants, with cards named after popular Queen songs, work together and move power counters to each other, getting from zero to hero!

Abilities: Indestructible, Move, Power (Add), Power Counter, Power Counter (Add), Power Counter (Remove), Power Counter (Transfer), Turn (End)

Learn More About Giant Ants

Pretty Pretty Smash Up

9th March 2015

Pretty Pretty Smash Up is the 7th set (6th expansion) released by this awesome board game. This expansion, except from well, pretty, is inspired by the most cute and beautiful characters of our imagination and not only! Creatures that their cuteness, beauty and magic will capture you! They can take you under their control or even steal your actions! Their abilities/talents are fresh and new to game! As always, a new expansion of Smash Up, means pure destruction

This pretty little box, contains 4 new factions and 8 new bases. Combined with all previous expansions plus the Core Set, we now have 29 factions and 54 bases. That makes us 406 possible pairs of factions. Pretty cool, right?

The VP tokens are colored pink & purple this time as expected, with cute flower and heart prints and a pink rulebook as well! This expansion, includes the special card dividers of the factions, if you don’t know what to do with them, learn more about “The Big Geeky Box”! If you own a lot sets, this should be “storage heaven” for you!

Let’s start with Fairies. These cute fairy thieves, can steal enemies’ actions with their lowest power minion! Wait ‘till you see what the strong ones are able of! They can boost themselves or subtract opponent’s power! They can cause big mess with their actions and abilities! All these facts makes this deck pretty interesting for “troll players” and pretty dangerous for “action based” enemy decks!

Who would be afraid of Kitty Cats, right? Well, you should! They can glamour minions and take them under their control! After that, they will probably use actions that destroys the controlled minions and get them out of competition. Their actions are a combination of everything classic and some awesome specials! Remember! Cats have 9 lives! They don’t die so easy

The Mythic Horses travel through rainbows, with the power of togetherness,friendship and love, and release unstoppable power that always keep them to the top! They share power and they are easy to move between bases if needed. Their abilities are mostly for helping all their actions are power-ups mostly. When they go as a team,they can get massive power!

And for the closing, we introduce you Princesses! They own only six unique minions, with unbelievable talents though, and all of them are 5 power minions! That means the deck is based on actions, so it might be a little difficult at the start. But their talents and actions are for sure, extremely powerful when properly combined to “live happily ever after”!

Every single deck in this expansion, provides a different strategy, but they are perfect match for each other! It may be hard to believe that some kitties, ponies, fairies or princesses could be strong decks, but in gameplay they prove to be not only really strong, but sneaky,submissive and seriously dangerous! Fall for their cute eyes! They’re pink, coming from rainbows and tales as old as time!

Princesses - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

6 Minions (6 unique)
14 Actions (9 unique)

These royal and extremely powerful Princesses have extraordinary talents and actions. They will sure live happily ever after fight!

Abilities: Card (Extra), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Move, Power (Add), Return, Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Princesses
Kitty Cats - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

They will meow and rub themselves upon you, but these Kitty Cats will take you under their their control and you will end up dead for their sake!

Abilities: Indestructible, Move

Learn More About Kitty Cats
Fairies - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Fairies release their magic stardust and use a lot of actions and talents to decrease power of the enemies or boost their own!

Abilities: Action (Transfer), Indestructible, Power (Add), Return

Learn More About Fairies

Smash Up Munchkin

28th September 2015

Smash Up: Munchkin is the 7th expansion (8th set) that has been released for Smash Up, and it’s obviously an important collaboration with Steve Jackson’s hit dungeon-trawling adventure Munchkin! Those who have tried, loved, or hated Munchkin can guess what’s coming their way, to the Smash Up veterans - beware! There are devious factions inside, holding many sleeves in their pockets, and prepared to change the core gameplay with no return.

Reminiscing the feeling of opening the Core Set back in the day, we have the chance once more to open the box, and get 8 new factions at once! 16 colourful and tricky bases come in pairs with the factions, and last but far from least there’s 2 new special decks to the game - Monsters & Treasures (more on that below). The number of Smash Up factions rises to 37, and the number of possible pairs is.. Get ready for it.. 666!

The token sheet of VPs we get is by AOG’s humble opinion the best one so far, since it portrays money, and gems. That’s right, money and gems. For The Big Geeky Box owners (and those that should become soon) there’s 8 fancy card dividers to store your factions nicely, and get a bon*r each time you pick one.

Enough jibber-jabber, let’s get to what we get! Starting up there’s Clerics. Oh, these guys are outright strong, and will truly exploit their discard pile, as well as yours! Having conditional cards, they can make powerful combos with the rest of Munchkin factions, but most importantly the rest of “normal” Smash Up factions, making them a core choice for veterans.

Dwarves are runner-ups (just alphabetically though), and as always short greedy bastards. They can exploit the Treasure deck more than all other factions, giving them a wide array of options on how to evolve their gameplay, as well as a full hand. They provide an unstable battlefield for their opponents, so stay away from their gold nuggets!

Elves are a disappointment on first sight (well if you’re an elf fan), due to being too friendly (but well, that’s what elves are about, right?). And by too friendly I mean they will boost up enemy minions, and generally.. interact with other players’ hands (trying to keep this spoil-free for now) in a big way. Sneaky old pointed-ear scams.

Moving on there’s Halflings, oh pretty hobbitses.. An amazing faction to match up with most, since these guys are what you expect. Drunk, friendly and fun to be around! They always come with company, which means that you can play a LOT of minions each round, more than a lot maybe. Seriously, even as enemies, you can’t hate these guys!

Phew, that felt like a lot to take in, but oh, there’s 4 more factions to go through (and let’s not forget about the 2 special decks), so hang back, refill what it is that lets you get going, and let’s move on to the other classes Munchkin has to offer.

Mages! Not to be confused with Wizards from the Core Set, both will spam the hell out of anything sensitive to hell-spamming. They will discard relentlessly, getting all sorts of buffs and extra plays while doing so. All in all, a high-skill / high-reward faction, well as mages have always been in RPGs (at least the good ones).

Orcs are strong. They have a lot of power, a lot of defense, and a loud voice when it comes to rearranging the power each player has on a base. Easy and fun to play, with quite a few tricks aside their axes, they make for a great wildcard faction which you can match with most.

As if we hadn’t enough sneaky factions in Smash Up, Thieves make their appearance, stealing their way to victory. It is said their enemies have strong symptoms of hair-pulling and skin-tearing, while Thieves themselves acknowledge nothing, and quietly run through the treasure deck, or anything treasur-y for that matter.

Last but best, ta-da-ta-dan! Warriors! The wet dream of every RPG fan, and something we all wanted to become at some point, arrives at Smash Up at last! These guys have a great advantage from Monster cards, can fend for themselves, and make a great match with other high-power factions of the game. Enough said.

Thieves - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Thieves can get great advantage by the treasure cards, and their abilities allow them to just pickpocket them!

Abilities: Action (Transfer), Discard Pile, Power (Add), Power Counter (Add), Reveal, Shuffle, Treasure (Draw)

Learn More About Thieves
Warriors - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Warriors have great synergy with the Monsters, as they are not afraid to play them or destroy them. They benefit from them one way or another!

Abilities: Discard Pile, Monster (Play), Power (Add), Power Counter (Add), Return

Learn More About Warriors
Orcs - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

12 Minions (5 unique)
8 Actions (7 unique)

Orcs is a really strong deck with variety on their actions.They have a lot of powerful minions that either have helpful abilities or do nothing at all!

Abilities: Deck (Bottom), Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Move, Power (Add)

Learn More About Orcs
Mages - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Mages can discard and refill hand in no time! By this sacrifice they gain amazing power-ups and extra cards!

Abilities: Card (Draw), Monster (Play), Power (Add)

Learn More About Mages
Halflings - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

11 Minions (5 unique)
9 Actions (7 unique)

Who cares if Halflings are drunk and dirty? They are talented this way so they can play a lot of extra minions in just one round!

Abilities: Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Minion (Extra), Return, Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Halflings
Elves - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
9 Actions (8 unique)

They might seem like they give too much power to enemies, but there is no better way to victory than playing it kind and good little helper!

Abilities: Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Move, Power (Add), Power Counter (Add), Shuffle

Learn More About Elves
Dwarves - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Dwarves are obviously gold diggers, that care only about treasures, as they get amazing power boosts using them!

Abilities: Discard Pile, Power (Add), Return, Search, Shuffle

Learn More About Dwarves
Monsters - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

Minions ( unique)
Actions ( unique)

Warriors have great synergy with the Monsters, as they are not afraid to play them or destroy them. They benefit from them one way or another!

Abilities: Deck (Top), Monster (Play), Power (Add)

Learn More About Monsters
Clerics - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Clerics can save their minions from the fate of the discard pile and they can run through opponent’s discard pile as well, to mess it up!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Discard Pile, Move, Power (Add), Shuffle

Learn More About Clerics
Treasures - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

2 Minions (2 unique)
13 Actions (13 unique)

Treasure deck has strong actions and some minions, all of them unique, and can be played as all cards once they were gained by ability or Monster!

Abilities: Discard Pile, Indestructible, Minion (Extra), Move, Power (Add), Return

Learn More About Treasures

Cease And Desist

15th September 2016

Cease & Desist, is the 10th set (9th expansion) released and brought some famous personalities within, known from series, that their gameplay, illustration and theme are inspired by these massive characters. They are vicious, space kings and super robots that can control enemies, teleport from base to base choose between multiple abilities and so many other talents we’ve never laid eyes on and never have imagined before.

This expansion contains 4 new factions and 8 new bases. Combined with all previous expansions plus the Core Set, there are 46 factions and 92 bases. That makes us 1035  possible pairs of factions. That’s where this game is gettin’ serious.

The VP tokens are colored blue & yellow, with space rocks and stars printed on them and a rulebook as well! This expansion, includes the special card dividers of the factions, that helps to storage factions in “The Big Geeky Box”, and yes it fits them too!

Fresh start with Astroknights, inspired by Star Wars. These awesome creatures own unique minions only with different ability each, such as amazing power ups and and smart moving between bases. The variety of these abilities makes Astroknights a pretty good match for every other deck! May the force be with them all, and it definitely will!

Changerbots, inspired by Transformers, are extra-terrestrial power robots, that have multiple abilities per card. That means player can choose one or another, that in the most cases are either protective abilities or massive power up boosters! Minions and actions share the same strategy of multiple choice ability that fits any situation!

Ignobles, inspired by Game of Thrones, share the spirit of the series, being serious backstabbers that give control of their minions to get or play extra cards. The catch is that some can take them back and some leaves them to enemies, and still benefits from hostage exchanging or bet to the winner to get VP for themselves!

For the end, we get Star Roamers, inspired by Star Trek. These space experts know all the secret powers of space and they use it pretty well! They teleport by returning to hand and sending other space warriors to fight. The minions are pretty protective and useful for moving. Actions are kinda pleasantly and helpfully weird and fun though!

This expansion owns fresh and extremely strong abilities, that fit perfect the profile of the characters that the factions are inspired. They can teleport from base to base and they are good defenders. They also have multiple choices on their abilities, more unique minions and they can serve filthy fights over victory!

Changerbots - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
9 Actions (7 unique)

Changerbots have multiple choices on their cards that helps them survive and win bases in any situation in fight!

Abilities: Indestructible, Move, Power (Add)

Learn More About Changerbots
Star Roamers - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (5 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Abilities: Cancel Effect, Indestructible, Move, Return, Search

Learn More About Star Roamers
Ignobles - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Ignobles are dangerous backstabbers, that give control of their minions, pretending to pay back their debts, but they truly aim to destroy enemies!

Abilities: Control (Take), Minion (Destroy), Return

Learn More About Ignobles
Astroknights - Smash Up Faction | Altar of Gaming

9 Minions (9 unique)
8 Actions (6 unique)

Astroknights have some awesome specials and power-up actions, and the minions they own are unique with unique abilities as well!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Move, Power (Add), Power (Remove), Power Counter (Add), Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Astroknights

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