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The Big Geeky Box
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The Big Geeky Box

The Big Geeky Box is exactly what its name says. Geeky! With all these new expansions that the game provides, when you got them all, must be a nightmare to store them all in one place. That’s the deal about this expansion!

Includes 27 card and 6 foam dividers to separate your cards, according to their own dividers, properly into this box! And as a reward for the hardcore players that will get this box, you will own from now on the most notable and annoying deck in history of this board game!

Geeks are able to use special cards that cancel opponent’s actions instantly and they use their knowledge on the game to discard opponents cards of their choice, they just have to name it!

If you want to have all the expansions, you should give yourself the satisfaction having all your cards stored in one huge box. And If you think your knowledge on this game has gone too far, with Geeks that all that knowledge won’t be wasted.

Board Game: Smash Up
Release Date: 15th August 2014

The Big Geeky Box is obviously big, geeky and a paradise of card storage! If you own, or you are about to get all expansions, you’re gonna face a huge problem when you will realise that is nightmare to open every single box to choose your deck. After some point, the Core Set doesn’t fit them all. This huge box is gonna give us some awesome tools to gather them in the box properly and has space for future expansions as well! Also, there is a little reward for the experts of the game,a faction named Geeks, inspired by Tabletop, Wil Wheaton and some of his friends!

The box designed with three long troughs that each one fits a lot of factions. We also get 27 of   the special card dividers, that you may have found some of them into other expansions, named and printed by faction, Madness and base cards to accommodate partly full troughs.Inside the box there are also 6 foam inserts that can be positioned anywhere along the troughs to hold them in place properly.

The reason that this box has no rulebook is that there is no rule change. There are some Geeks and 2 bases that match them instead, that may hide some rule-breaking abilities that can be pretty annoying if the player that chose them, is a Geek himself! That means this deck is made clearly for those that have spent endless hours playing with all decks and knows everything about them. The reason of that, are some actions that ask you to name cards or cancel an action by the moment opponent plays one, so you have to know as much as possible about the game! Minions are fewer than usual but they have equally annoying and strong abilities as the actions of this deck. They combine perfectly with every single other deck of Smash Up! There’s only two conditions. You just have to know the game perfectly well and love being annoying!

9 Minions (4 unique)
11 Actions (9 unique)

If you mastered this game, Geeks will help you to use that knowledge to win the game and ruin it for others!

Abilities: Action (Forbid), Action (Transfer), Card (Discard), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Look, Move, Return, Shuffle, VP (Gain)

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