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Smash Up Core Set
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Smash Up Core Set

This is the start of something big. Something that everyone was talking about. A combination of awesomely lethal and imaginary (or not) super creatures fighting together to rule the galaxy!

Aliens invade the battlefield teleporting others away, while using extraterrestrial technology to gain profits and confuse enemy plans. Dinosaurs come with lasers (i kid you not), and will step on everything with UNREAL power making it all about survival of the fittest.

Hard to predict and prone to surprises, Ninjas get out of literally nowhere to claim their spot, and assassinate key targets. Meanwhile, Pirates move between bases and loot everything they can, then move back to where they want (fair right?).

Robots own mostly minions and just two actions, but beware of their “extra-minion-in-any-possible-way” abilities, these guys are overclocked! Tricksters are a pain in the brain for opponents, having an arsenal of tricks that’s able to ruin even the most obvious next-round winner.

To counter minion-spam, Wizards fill the void of action-spam, often playing 5+ cards on a single round, recycling their deck at the speed of light! Speaking of recycling, Zombies hold the true meaning! Going back and forth on the discard pile, they always return with more undead friends on their side.

And that was just the beginning! The game gets more and more exciting with all follow-up expansions, offering a unique gameplay experience. Combine two classes, make a massive deck and fight!

Board Game: Smash Up
Release Date: 8th October 2012

Smash Up (Core Set) is the 1st set of the game and the basic one. Providing factions inspired by dominant ancient creatures with a light touch of futuristic elements, UFO invaders, martial art masters, dynamic machines and a little bit of magic! Abilities are what you would expect according to the factions’ theme. Intrigue at its finest, awesome and fun techniques, a lot of moving between bases, and of course pure destruction!

The first set gives us the tools to fight! 8 magnificent factions and 16 bases pairing the factions, and a rulebook as well. In later expansions you will find Victory Point token sheets that represent the victory points of a player. This box does not provide any.

Let’s start with Aliens. These terrifying brutes have the ability to return minions to their owner’s hand, meaning they either return their own minions in order to play them again and again, or delay delay their enemies. What’s the catch? Cards with benefits! You get direct winning effects from playing them in loop, like gain VPs! They definitely create a big mess for their enemies, and a safe winning passage for them!

So, Dinosaurs! With lasers.. and guns.. and teeth and claws! Certainly super strong minions, with unstoppable synergy! Actions in their deck, make sure the game is about survival of the fittest! It’s a winning deck when combined well with others, as their minions can take enemies out of competition in a single round!

Ninjas move fast and kill even faster! Their deck owns a lot of special abilities that helps players invade a base while scoring, as well as assassinate priority targets out of the blue. You can never be sure about their next (or previous) move, so watch your back.

Pirates sail between bases, spreading everywhere, and leaving nothing but chaos behind! Their minions depart from a base to land on another, waiting for the right conditions to move again, while hiding some very unpleasant and dangerous surprises for low power enemies on the game.

Robots is a deck that owns only minions and an action existing twice. This might sound terrifying and kinda weird, but the minions have, in one way or another, extra minion abilities. It’s definitely the best way to use so many minions, as you can get a lot of total power instantly in a round, and keep you a huge step ahead on the game.

Tricksters are probably the most annoying and troublesome faction so far. They have cards that can ban an enemy faction, or even a player, while owning brilliant abilities with mostly awful effects for their enemies, or very beneficial ones for their owner!

Wizards is a deck based mostly on actions, which let the player spam a lot of extra cards. Even though most of the minions don’t own ongoing abilities, they help with this crazy card-spamming even more! The deck gets to recycle as fast as the sound travels, keeping the cards on hand ready to fight!

Finishing, we get Zombies, the ones we can’t hide our excitement about! The night of the living dead is upon us, and as soon as these guys stack on the discard pile their reincarnation will begin! Seriously though, this faction plays with the discard pile perfectly, making for well-thought strategies, and amazing combos with the expansions to come.

Enough said! It’s a massive board game with cards, with a lot of expansions coming after it, and a ton of combos to destroy your friends (though it’s impossible to try them all :/). So match two decks, take over the bases, and reach 15 VPs first to taste the victory! Simple, fun and fresh but still demanding on strategy and especially on combining the decks, Smash Up! is a game for friends, though not only few are the cases it made friends to enemies. So play responsibly, and take proper care of your wounded enemies!

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Tricksters can ruin gameplay of enemies as they can get them to discard random cards or even ban their play moves!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Cancel Effect, Card (Discard), Minion (Destroy)

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18 Minions (9 unique)
2 Actions (1 unique)

Robots own almost only minions that their abilities allow extra minions in any possible way in any possible situation in game!

Abilities: Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Minion (Extra), Power (Add), Reveal, Shuffle

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10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Wizards use a lot of extra cards in a single round that get their deck recycled in no time and rearrange the fight!

Abilities: Action (Extra), Card (Draw), Minion (Extra), Reveal, Search, Shuffle

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10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Pirates can be dangerous for low power minions of enemies’ and they’re based on “sailing” between bases and quickly collect VP's!

Abilities: Minion (Destroy), Move, Power (Add)

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10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Abilities: Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Move, Return

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10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Zombies are the undead and they come from the discard pile, spreading everywhere with abilities that make them come fast!

Abilities: Cancel Effect, Discard Pile, Look, Minion (Extra), Return, Search, Shuffle

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10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Dinosaurs are lethal and own extremely powerful minions, that when combined in a base, can get crazy power boosts!

Abilities: Breakpoint (Reduce), Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Power (Add)

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10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Aliens use the strategy of collecting minions back to player’s hand, so they can abuse their awesome abilities again and again!

Abilities: Look, Move, Return, VP (Gain)

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