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Science Fiction Double Feature
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Science Fiction Double Feature

Science Fiction Double Feature is one of the most versatile Smash Up expansions, and matching factions is a treat no matter which ones you already own.

Included, is one of the most powerful decks we’ve seen so far, Cyborg Apes! These monkeys gain extra power by using actions on them, so you can mark your territory on a base in a single round! Shapeshifters from the other hand, can copy an enemy’s minion power or ability, even action cards played on them.

Beware of the Super Spies! They plan their next move by spying on their deck or mess someone else’s, keeping them one step ahead! With Time Travellers, you get time by your side. Return minions to their owner’s hand, or place discard pile cards back to your deck.

The SFDF guarantees a fresh gameplay and a lot of fun bases. Our tip? Match them with the Core Set. You would be pleasantly surprised!

Board Game: Smash Up
Release Date: 17th March 2014

The 3rd expansion (4th set) to be released for Smash Up, Science Fiction Double Feature is packed with (you guessed right) science-fiction themed factions, not just in their looks, but most importantly their gameplay. So get ready for some hyper-galactical powerups, Unidentified Card-stealing Objects, extraterrestrial discards and chrono-altering experiences.

As with most smash up expansions, 4 new factions are added to the game, and 8 unique base cards (which correspond to a faction in pairs). Combining the previous smash up sets, the unique base cards amount to 40, and the unique pairings you can have with factions is 190!

We also get a unique set of VPs, colored with the classic blue & yellow, and illustrated with cyber-zaps and (big) lasers. Geeks (us, and some of you) will find the special card dividers for the factions inside the The Big Geeky Box. Non-geeks don’t know what that meant, and that’s probably ok.

So let’s roll! Starting up, we get Cyborg Apes, a ruthless group of angry monkeys that’s designed to be a core-deck no matter which expansions you own, even though it uses a lot of actions that are played directly on minions. Featuring a lot of power-ups, protection cards and burst damage, they are an easy to learn (not play) faction, with rewarding gameplay and small cringing to their opponents’ faces.

Moving on, there’s Shapeshifters, oh Shapeshifters.. Where to begin? These guys can literally steal actions and minion abilities, even the opponent’s (printed) minion power itself! What’s worse? They can do it with ease, and non-stop. Before people start raging against the , let me say the faction is well-made, balanced and fun to play. It gets a lot of conditional strategies due to relying in your enemies’ abilities by 40%, but that can only be fun, it’s Smash Up!

Super Spies will always be early on the scene, so think twice before facing them. They are going to discard some of your cards, change their order, or discard some more. That lets them run through their decks at immense speed, and prepare them for situations at hand. Well, you can already tell they are a bit more advanced to play, and will require core knowledge of the factions you combine them with, as well as the game’s itself.

Last but not least, one of the most interesting Smash Up factions (though definitely not at first sight) is Time Travelers. Aliens fans will love them, and pretty much any player that’s into thoughtful mechanics and planning concealed moves. They get a lot of discard pile interactions, minion returns, ability re-dos, and as you guessed can annoy their enemies to a certain level. One of our personally most played factions at AOG, had to be noted!

We’re not trying to make you buy Science Fiction Double Feature (or yea, let’s stick to SFDF), but seriously all 4 factions are amazing and designed to accommodate any other expansions you might or might not already own. You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to love this one, but you certainly have to be in love with Smash Up!

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

You’re a Super Spy! You know your next move and your enemies move as well! Prevent them and be one step forward to the victory!

Abilities: Card (Discard), Look, Reveal

Learn More About Super Spies

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Travel to the past! Time Travelers bring minions from the discard pile or return enemy minions to their owner’s hands.Time is by your side, use it wisely!

Abilities: Base (Play On), Discard Pile, Return, Shuffle

Learn More About Time Travelers

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

If you consider Dinosaurs as the strongest ones, wait ‘till you see what Cyborg Apes can do with just a few actions on them!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Action (Extra), Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Move, Power (Add), Return, Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Cyborg Apes

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