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Pretty Pretty Smash Up

Pretty Pretty Smash Up is the cutest version of destruction ever presented in the game by now. Beware though! Don’t let their beauty or their adorable big eyes fool you. They have abilities that they are not so cute. They can give hell!

Fairies allow you to play a lot of extra actions, or even better steal some, and decrease enemy’s power and playing options. Kitty Cats use their sparkling fur and their cute little paws to take you under their control and destroy you before you even think  about it!

Mythic Horses coming through rainbows create a pack and release tremendous power when they work together on a base ! Princesses own only six minions, famous princesses with pretty royal and strict talents!

It’s for sure the most unexpectedly strong expansion, for brave experts players of Smash Up, who are not afraid to show that cuteness is not a weakness!

Board Game: Smash Up
Release Date: 9th March 2015

Pretty Pretty Smash Up is the 7th set (6th expansion) released by this awesome board game. This expansion, except from well, pretty, is inspired by the most cute and beautiful characters of our imagination and not only! Creatures that their cuteness, beauty and magic will capture you! They can take you under their control or even steal your actions! Their abilities/talents are fresh and new to game! As always, a new expansion of Smash Up, means pure destruction

This pretty little box, contains 4 new factions and 8 new bases. Combined with all previous expansions plus the Core Set, we now have 29 factions and 54 bases. That makes us 406 possible pairs of factions. Pretty cool, right?

The VP tokens are colored pink & purple this time as expected, with cute flower and heart prints and a pink rulebook as well! This expansion, includes the special card dividers of the factions, if you don’t know what to do with them, learn more about “The Big Geeky Box”! If you own a lot sets, this should be “storage heaven” for you!

Let’s start with Fairies. These cute fairy thieves, can steal enemies’ actions with their lowest power minion! Wait ‘till you see what the strong ones are able of! They can boost themselves or subtract opponent’s power! They can cause big mess with their actions and abilities! All these facts makes this deck pretty interesting for “troll players” and pretty dangerous for “action based” enemy decks!

Who would be afraid of Kitty Cats, right? Well, you should! They can glamour minions and take them under their control! After that, they will probably use actions that destroys the controlled minions and get them out of competition. Their actions are a combination of everything classic and some awesome specials! Remember! Cats have 9 lives! They don’t die so easy

The Mythic Horses travel through rainbows, with the power of togetherness,friendship and love, and release unstoppable power that always keep them to the top! They share power and they are easy to move between bases if needed. Their abilities are mostly for helping all their actions are power-ups mostly. When they go as a team,they can get massive power!

And for the closing, we introduce you Princesses! They own only six unique minions, with unbelievable talents though, and all of them are 5 power minions! That means the deck is based on actions, so it might be a little difficult at the start. But their talents and actions are for sure, extremely powerful when properly combined to “live happily ever after”!

Every single deck in this expansion, provides a different strategy, but they are perfect match for each other! It may be hard to believe that some kitties, ponies, fairies or princesses could be strong decks, but in gameplay they prove to be not only really strong, but sneaky,submissive and seriously dangerous! Fall for their cute eyes! They’re pink, coming from rainbows and tales as old as time!

6 Minions (6 unique)
14 Actions (9 unique)

These royal and extremely powerful Princesses have extraordinary talents and actions. They will sure live happily ever after fight!

Abilities: Card (Extra), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Minion (Destroy), Move, Power (Add), Return, Reveal, Shuffle

Learn More About Princesses

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

They will meow and rub themselves upon you, but these Kitty Cats will take you under their their control and you will end up dead for their sake!

Abilities: Indestructible, Move

Learn More About Kitty Cats

10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Fairies release their magic stardust and use a lot of actions and talents to decrease power of the enemies or boost their own!

Abilities: Action (Transfer), Indestructible, Power (Add), Return

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