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Cease And Desist

Cease & Desist is a “Dream-Came-True” expansion for every “science fiction-geek-player” of Smash Up! The factions included are inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers and Game of Thrones, so it’s clear that we’re talking about a battlefield here.

Astroknights own different minions with various talents and powerful actions that will help you score bases on sight! Changerbots sacrifice their abilities to get powerful, and the next turn they will be back with their mega-abilities back, and even boost them more!

Ignobles are some serious backstabbers that give control of their minions but still take advantage of everyone, pretending to defend all sides. Star Roamers have some familiar abilities of returning minions to owner’s hand and they are really good defenders that teleport to all bases, or even bases themselves!

Really strong decks, coming from strange galaxies,with outstanding abilities of giant robots, unpredictable moves  from uncivil creatures and space fights to weird new worlds!

Board Game: Smash Up
Release Date: 15th September 2016

Cease & Desist, is the 10th set (9th expansion) released and brought some famous personalities within, known from series, that their gameplay, illustration and theme are inspired by these massive characters. They are vicious, space kings and super robots that can control enemies, teleport from base to base choose between multiple abilities and so many other talents we’ve never laid eyes on and never have imagined before.

This expansion contains 4 new factions and 8 new bases. Combined with all previous expansions plus the Core Set, there are 46 factions and 92 bases. That makes us 1035  possible pairs of factions. That’s where this game is gettin’ serious.

The VP tokens are colored blue & yellow, with space rocks and stars printed on them and a rulebook as well! This expansion, includes the special card dividers of the factions, that helps to storage factions in “The Big Geeky Box”, and yes it fits them too!

Fresh start with Astroknights, inspired by Star Wars. These awesome creatures own unique minions only with different ability each, such as amazing power ups and and smart moving between bases. The variety of these abilities makes Astroknights a pretty good match for every other deck! May the force be with them all, and it definitely will!

Changerbots, inspired by Transformers, are extra-terrestrial power robots, that have multiple abilities per card. That means player can choose one or another, that in the most cases are either protective abilities or massive power up boosters! Minions and actions share the same strategy of multiple choice ability that fits any situation!

Ignobles, inspired by Game of Thrones, share the spirit of the series, being serious backstabbers that give control of their minions to get or play extra cards. The catch is that some can take them back and some leaves them to enemies, and still benefits from hostage exchanging or bet to the winner to get VP for themselves!

For the end, we get Star Roamers, inspired by Star Trek. These space experts know all the secret powers of space and they use it pretty well! They teleport by returning to hand and sending other space warriors to fight. The minions are pretty protective and useful for moving. Actions are kinda pleasantly and helpfully weird and fun though!

This expansion owns fresh and extremely strong abilities, that fit perfect the profile of the characters that the factions are inspired. They can teleport from base to base and they are good defenders. They also have multiple choices on their abilities, more unique minions and they can serve filthy fights over victory!

10 Minions (4 unique)
9 Actions (7 unique)

Changerbots have multiple choices on their cards that helps them survive and win bases in any situation in fight!

Abilities: Indestructible, Move, Power (Add)

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10 Minions (5 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Abilities: Cancel Effect, Indestructible, Move, Return, Search

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10 Minions (4 unique)
10 Actions (8 unique)

Ignobles are dangerous backstabbers, that give control of their minions, pretending to pay back their debts, but they truly aim to destroy enemies!

Abilities: Control (Take), Minion (Destroy), Return

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9 Minions (9 unique)
8 Actions (6 unique)

Astroknights have some awesome specials and power-up actions, and the minions they own are unique with unique abilities as well!

Abilities: Action (Destroy), Card (Draw), Discard Pile, Indestructible, Move, Power (Add), Power (Remove), Power Counter (Add), Reveal, Shuffle

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