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Augmentation Dinosaurs Action None
One minion gains +4 until…
One minion gains +4 until the end of your turn.
Power (Add) N/A 2
Aunt of Drakes Ignobles Minion Talent
Talent: Give control of one…
Talent: Give control of one of your minions to another player to draw a card and play an extra action.
5 1
Baboom Cyborg Apes Minion Talent
Talent: Play an action on…
Talent: Play an action on this minion as an extra action.
Action (Extra) 3 3
Backstab Thieves Action None
Discard a treasure card to…
Discard a treasure card to destroy a minion of power 3 or less.
N/A 1
Bacta the Future Shapeshifters Action None
Destroy a minion. That minion's…
Destroy a minion. That minion's owner may immediately play an extra minion.
N/A 1
Bag of Caltrops Treasures Action Ongoing
Play on a base. Ongoing:;…
Play on a base. Ongoing:; When another player's minion of power 3 or less is played here, destroy this treasure and that minion.
N/A 1
Banned List Geeks Action None
For each other player name…
For each other player name a card and look at that player's hand. They must place any copies of that card from their hand on the bottom of their deck.
Card (Discard) N/A 2
Banner Call Ignobles Action None
Take control of any number…
Take control of any number of minions you own.
Control (Take) N/A 1
Bardling Halflings Minion None
If another player has more…
If another player has more power than you, you may play an extra minion here.
Minion (Extra) 2 3
Bastion Warriors Base None
3 Monsters. After you destroy…
3 Monsters. After you destroy a monster here, draw a treasure card.
11 1
Beam Up Aliens Action
Return a minion to its…
Return a minion to its owner's hand.
Return N/A 2
Bear Cavalry Bear Cavalry Minion None
Move another player's minion from…
Move another player's minion from here to another base.
Move 3 3
Bear Hug Bear Cavalry Action None
Each other player destroys his…
Each other player destroys his or her minion with the least power (owner chooses in case of ties).
Minion (Destroy) N/A 1
Bear Necessities Bear Cavalry Action None
Destroy an action that has…
Destroy an action that has been played on a minion or base.
Action (Destroy) N/A 1
Bear Rides You Bear Cavalry Action None
Move one of your minions…
Move one of your minions to another base.
Move N/A 1
Beautiful Castle Princesses Base None
Minions here with power 5…
Minions here with power 5 or greater are not affected by opponents' cards.
Indestructible 22 1
Begin the Summoning Elder Things Action None
Place a minion from your…
Place a minion from your discard pile on top of your deck.You may play an extra action this turn.
Discard Pile N/A 2
Berserker Warriors Minion None
Destroy a monster here with…
Destroy a monster here with power less than or equal to this minion to place a +1 power counter on this minion.
Power Counter (Add) 3 3
Betrothed Ignobles Minion Ongoing
You may give control of…
You may give control of this minion to another player. Ongoing:The owner of this minion gains 1 VP if another player wins this base and controls this minion
3 3
Big Gulp Vampires Action None
Destroy a minion of power…
Destroy a minion of power 4 or less.
Minion (Destroy) N/A 1
Big Hero Warriors Minion Talent
Talent: Destroy a monster here…
Talent: Destroy a monster here OR play a monster here.
5 1
Bigfoot Monsters Monster Ongoing
2 Treasures. Ongoing: If this…
2 Treasures. Ongoing: If this is the only monster here, it has +3 power.
Power (Add) 4 2
Bin and gone Clerics Action Ongoing
Play on a base. After…
Play on a base. After another base scores you may move one of your minions from there to here instead of the discard pile.
Move N/A 1
Birthday Party Halflings Base None
1 Monster. If you do…
1 Monster. If you do not have a minion here, you cannot play a minion on another base.
20 1
Blaster Master Mages Minion Talent
Talent: Discard a card to…
Talent: Discard a card to destroy a minion of power 2 or less.
5 1
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