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Alien Guru Astroknights Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: Once per turn, after…
Ongoing: Once per turn, after you play an action that directly increases a minion's power, you may also place a +1 counter on it
Power (Add), Power Counter (Add) 2 1
Angry Pillagers Orcs Minion Special
Special: Play when a base…
Special: Play when a base scores. If you have at least 3 more power there than the runner-up, gain 1VP.
N/A 2
Annoying Alien Astroknights Minion Talent
Talent: Name a minion. All…
Talent: Name a minion. All minions here with that name get -2 until the start of your next turn
Power (Remove) 2 1
Apricot Princesses Minion Talent
Talent: Destroy another player's minion…
Talent: Destroy another player's minion of power 2 or less here.
Minion (Destroy) 5 1
Archmage Wizards Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: You may play an…
Ongoing: You may play an extra action on each of your turns.
Action (Extra) 4 1
Armor Stego Dinosaurs Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: Has +2 power during…
Ongoing: Has +2 power during other players' turns.
Power (Add) 3 3
Astro Robot Astroknights Minion None
Destroy an action played on…
Destroy an action played on this base or on a minion here
Action (Destroy) 2 1
Aunt of Drakes Ignobles Minion Talent
Talent: Give control of one…
Talent: Give control of one of your minions to another player to draw a card and play an extra action.
5 1
Baboom Cyborg Apes Minion Talent
Talent: Play an action on…
Talent: Play an action on this minion as an extra action.
Action (Extra) 3 3
Bardling Halflings Minion None
If another player has more…
If another player has more power than you, you may play an extra minion here.
Minion (Extra) 2 3
Bear Cavalry Bear Cavalry Minion None
Move another player's minion from…
Move another player's minion from here to another base.
Move 3 3
Berserker Warriors Minion None
Destroy a monster here with…
Destroy a monster here with power less than or equal to this minion to place a +1 power counter on this minion.
Power Counter (Add) 3 3
Betrothed Ignobles Minion Ongoing
You may give control of…
You may give control of this minion to another player. Ongoing:The owner of this minion gains 1 VP if another player wins this base and controls this minion
3 3
Big Hero Warriors Minion Talent
Talent: Destroy a monster here…
Talent: Destroy a monster here OR play a monster here.
5 1
Blaster Master Mages Minion Talent
Talent: Discard a card to…
Talent: Discard a card to destroy a minion of power 2 or less.
5 1
Brownie Tricksters Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: After another player plays…
Ongoing: After another player plays a card that affects this minion, that player discards two random cards.
Card (Discard) 4 2
Bruiser Changerbots Minion
Ongoing:This minion cannot be destroyed.…
Ongoing:This minion cannot be destroyed. Talent: this minion gains +2 power and loses its Ongoing ability and all other abilities until the start of your next turn
Indestructible, Power (Add) 2 3
Buccaneer Pirates Minion Special
Special: If this minion would…
Special: If this minion would be destroyed, move it to another base instead.
Move 4 2
Byakhee Elder Things Minion None
Each other player with a…
Each other player with a minion at this base draws a Madness card.
Madness (Draw) 2 4
Captain Ahab Steampunks Minion Talent
Talent: Move this minion to…
Talent: Move this minion to a base that has one of your actions on it.
Move 2 4
Cardinal Clerics Minion Talent
Talent: If your discard pile…
Talent: If your discard pile has at least five cards, place two of them, chosen at random, into your hand.
Discard Pile 5 1
Cat Burglar Thieves Minion None
Reveal any number of treasure…
Reveal any number of treasure cards from your hand. Place a +1 power counter on this minion for each one you revealed.
Reveal, Power Counter (Add) 3 3
Chronomage Wizards Minion None
You may play an extra…
You may play an extra baction this turn.
Action (Extra) 3 2
Clyde 2.0 Cyborg Apes Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: if your actions played…
Ongoing: if your actions played on minions here go to the discard pile, place them into your hand instead.
Return 4 2
Collector Aliens Minion
You may return a minion…
You may return a minion of power 3 or less on this base to it's owner's hand.
Return 2 4
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