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Cosplay Geeks Action Special
Special: Play when you gain…
Special: Play when you gain a 1 or more VP. Gain 1 additional VP.
VP (Gain) N/A 1
Factory 436-1337 Robots Base None
When this base scores, the…
When this base scores, the winner gains 1VP for every 5 power that player has here.
VP (Gain) 25 1
Invader Aliens Minion
Gain 1 VP.
Gain 1 VP.
VP (Gain) 3 2
Rhodes Plaza Mall Zombies Base None
When this base scores, each…
When this base scores, each player gains 1VP for each minion that player has here.
VP (Gain) 24 1
Shady Deal Ghosts Action None
If you have two or…
If you have two or fewer cards in your hand, gain 1 VP.
VP (Gain) N/A 1

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