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… It Just Might Work Miskatonic University Action None
Discard a Madness card to…
Discard a Madness card to give each of your minions +1 power until the end of the turn.
Power (Add) N/A 1
“…Really?” Shapeshifters Action None
Destroy one of your minions.Play…
Destroy one of your minions.Play an extra minion from your discard pile with the same or lower power.
Discard Pile N/A 1
“Old Man Jenkins!?” Miskatonic University Action Special
Special: Before a base scores,destroy…
Special: Before a base scores,destroy a minion with the highest power there.
N/A 1
1.21 Gigawatts Time Travelers Action None
Shaffle all actions or all…
Shaffle all actions or all minions from your discard pile into your deck
Shuffle, Discard Pile N/A 1
A Kind of Magic Giant Ants Action None
Transfer any or all of…
Transfer any or all of your +1 power counters among your minions.
Power Counter (Transfer) N/A 1
Abduction Aliens Action
Return a minion to its…
Return a minion to its owner's hand. Play an extra minion.
N/A 1
Across the Divide Ghosts Action None
Choose a card name. Place…
Choose a card name. Place any number of minions with that name from your discardpile into your hand.
Discard Pile N/A 1
Activate the Spy Ignobles Action None
Take control of a minion…
Take control of a minion you own. Play an extra action.
N/A 2
Adventure Power Mythic Horses Action None
Choose a base. Move any…
Choose a base. Move any number of your minions to it.
Move N/A 1
After You Elves Action None
Each other player draws a…
Each other player draws a card. Draw a card for each player in the game, including yourself.
Card (Draw) N/A 1
Aggromotive Steampunks Action Ongoing
Play on a base. Ongoing:…
Play on a base. Ongoing: If you have a minion here, you have +5 power here.
Power (Add) N/A 1
Alien Guru Astroknights Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: Once per turn, after…
Ongoing: Once per turn, after you play an action that directly increases a minion's power, you may also place a +1 counter on it
Power (Add), Power Counter (Add) 2 1
Altar to Cthulhu Minions of Cthulhu Action None
Play on a base. Whenever…
Play on a base. Whenever you play a minion here, you may play an extra action this turn.
N/A 1
And Stay Down! Orcs Action Special
Special: Play before a base…
Special: Play before a base scores. If you have the highest total power here, other players cannot play or use Special: abilities.
N/A 1
Angry Mob Mad Scientists Action None
Choose one of your minions.Place…
Choose one of your minions.Place any number of cards from your hand on the bottom of your deck. For each card you placed there, place a +1 counter on that minion.
Power Counter (Add) N/A 1
Angry Pillagers Orcs Minion Special
Special: Play when a base…
Special: Play when a base scores. If you have at least 3 more power there than the runner-up, gain 1VP.
N/A 2
Annoying Alien Astroknights Minion Talent
Talent: Name a minion. All…
Talent: Name a minion. All minions here with that name get -2 until the start of your next turn
Power (Remove) 2 1
Antarctic Base Elder Things Base None
Players cannot play more than…
Players cannot play more than one minion on this base each turn.
24 1
Anything for Money Dwarves Action None
Discard any number of cards.…
Discard any number of cards. Draw one treasure card for each card you discarded.
N/A 1
Apricot Princesses Minion Talent
Talent: Destroy another player's minion…
Talent: Destroy another player's minion of power 2 or less here.
Minion (Destroy) 5 1
Archmage Wizards Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: You may play an…
Ongoing: You may play an extra action on each of your turns.
Action (Extra) 4 1
Armor Stego Dinosaurs Minion Ongoing
Ongoing: Has +2 power during…
Ongoing: Has +2 power during other players' turns.
Power (Add) 3 3
Assassination Ninjas Action Ongoing
Play on a minion. Ongoing:…
Play on a minion. Ongoing: Destroy this minion at the end of the turn.
N/A 1
Astro Robot Astroknights Minion None
Destroy an action played on…
Destroy an action played on this base or on a minion here
Action (Destroy) 2 1
Asylum Miskatonic University Base None
After each time a minion…
After each time a minion is played here, its owner may return a Madness card from their hand to the Madness deck.
Madness (Return) 16 1
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